A Love Story

David and KD Hall thrive as a married couple, because they take care of themselves and each other. Their marriage is built on a firm foundation of love and they have used that emotional connection to create BelleBody Royal.

“That is one of the cornerstones of our relationship, how we’ve been able to thrive as a married couple, because we take care of ourselves and value our love as well as friendship,” David said. “For us, we wanted to offer a product where we could offer those same values through a product.”

BelleBody Royal has been years in the making for the couple, dating back to their time in the Air Force, where David worked as an aerospace medical technician (a medic).

“That’s where I learned and gained valuable medical skills,” David said.

While forging a family, David worked to help people, whether it was work with a soldier on rehabilitation or trauma emergency procedures, a foundation for helping others was established.

That foundation, both through the love grown through family and the empathy fueled by working as medic, translates into the value system that makes BelleBody Royal special.

“We’re proud of who we are,” David said. “This is about helping everyone thrive.”

We put intimacy first

When David and KD set out to create BelleBody Royal, they wanted their signature product to be something that reflects the love they share for each other. They wanted to bring a product in the market that would help others cultivate the connection that has been so important to the success of their relationship.

That’s how Release was born. BelleBody Royal’s CBD intimacy oil blends traditional herbalism and modern plant science to create a formula that excites, soothes and enhances arousal as a means to help our customers #LoveYourBody.

“Whether it’s through our intimacy line or some of our other products, from gummies to tinctures, different oils and topicals, things you can put on your body, this is about having people thrive, living life with the best possible experiences,” said David. “Whatever it is you do you’re going to have the best possible experience with our products.”

BelleBody Royal, a black-owned business based in Seattle, is stepping center stage to show our customers that incorporating CBD products into their bedrooms can be as beautiful and seductive as it is healthy.

“BelleBody Royal is founded on the values of love and self-care,” David said. “For us, we’ve always believed in those values, the value of love and the value of self-care.”

The highest quality CBD products

BelleBody Royal is committed to becoming the industry standard for quality. When it comes to sourcing our CBD, we have a concept we live by: When it comes to our premium CBD, it’s about where it’s from as much as who it’s for.

With key partnerships secured across the United States we went deep on the science of CBD extraction to ensure the quality of our products.

“Our farmers operate under strict guidelines, using state of the art farming processes,” David said. “Not only does it enhance the quality of the strains we use, but it also makes sure our products are safe, regulated and unsurpassed in their potency and, ultimately, their consistency.”

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