Female Sexual Wellness with CBD

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Everyone wants to feel like royalty in the bedroom.

People want their sexual experiences to be exalted. They want to be confident. They want a “Release.”

Those feelings can only be achieved through sexual wellness. That Release comes when you treat yourself.

According to WebMD, 43 percent of all women experience some sort of sexual dysfunction – from painful vaginal muscle spasms to the inability to experience orgasms. People are turning to CBD as means to attempt to have less painful sex and stronger orgasms. Because of cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is used to help with muscle relaxation, pain relief and inflammation.

At BelleBody Royal, we want you to have a luxurious experience in the bedroom. We want you to feel euphoria in your sexual throne room. We created our signature CBD product, so you can enjoy the Release.

When we set out to create Release, we worked from the principles of love and selfcare. We use only the best possible ingredients to give our customers the best possible experience. Love means commitment, and we are committed to spreading love by helping others enjoy the most sensual sexual experience possible.

We create that Release by infusing vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, peppermint oil and ginger root into our CBD intimacy oil. The vanilla provides a scent that is a famous aphrodisiac and, when combined with cinnamon, the warm, earthy smell encourages comfort and arousal.

Additionally, the cinnamon and cardamom promote lubrication in addition to having natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger provides a warming sensation to balance the cooling properties of the peppermint (peppermint also increases blood flow), which fosters an intense sensuality. Ginger is also used to increase circulation, which can stimulate arousal during intercourse or self-pleasure.

We used Kava Kava root to create Release as a way to aid relaxation by boosting sensation. People have described a “tingling feeling” when using Kava Kava, which helps to activate the endocannabinoid system and can create a stimulating effect that is similar to – THC without any psycho-activity.

And, while Release is great for the bedroom, it is also designed for overall female vaginal wellness. Women who suffer from vaginal dryness, irritation and/or itchiness on a daily basis have rubbed CBD intimacy oil on their vaginas and vulvas.

We want you to feel your best. We want you to experience sexual wellness. When you’re in the bedroom, we want you to feel like royalty.

We sourced the best ingredients and created a product to make you feel luxurious.

You deserve that Release.

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